IT services for companys

IT maintenance service
to SME

Lana2 is specialized in giving support, implementation and IT maintenance service to SMEs.

We know first-hand the peculiarities and specific problems of each business. In fact we actually regard ourselves as the IT department of small or medium-sized enterprise which do not have sufficient resources or structure to have one of their own.

Lana2 offers comprehensive and specialized IT solutions based on each of our customers.

Our aim is for our customers to trust to us the maintenance and IT support leaving them to focus time and resources on areas and always customized to the needs of each customer.

IT Consultancy

We are the specialized IT and technology consultancy for small and medium-sized companies.

Sit renting service

If you need to renew your technology and computer park, we give you the solution through our computer rental services.

Cloud solutions

The presence of the Internet and the use of cloud services are essential for today’s small and medium-sized businesses.

Software development

Custom application programming service compatible with any computer system. We improve efficiency and work performance.

IT Mantenanace service

We are specialists in IT maintenance: Fast, comprehensive, specialized and economical computer support.

Comunication networks

We offer the installation and configuration of the communication network for those companies that are growing or expanding facilities.