At Lana2 we are IT specialists.

More than 25 years of experience with continuous training and capability updates allow us to offer solutions tailored to the needs of your company, whatever its size, in everything related to IT.

We advise, design, install and maintain innovative IT solutions for companies.

Support and IT services

IT solutions
for your company

Lana2 specializes in Corporate IT services 

Reliability is at the core of all the processes in which we intervene: initial assessment, advice to optimize critical investments, implementation of necessary resources and, above all, maintenance of IT systems and personalized service for users.

In order to be reliable, at Lana2 security of the computer systems we implement and maintain is a priority. Peace of mind of our customers is our main concern.

At Lana2 we are convinced that prevention is the basis of good maintenance:

  • Our maintenance contract includes a 24/7 monitoring system of the IT infrastructure of our clients, with an alert system that allows us to react quickly to any incident, even before our customers can even notice it.
  • Every day we check and validate that backup systems are working properly and we intervene if any errors occur.
Lana2 is the IT department for small and medium-sized companies that do not yet require an internal team. We design, implement and maintain tailor-made solutions. We take care of everything.
MNC and large corporate
We are the specialized service provider for IT departments of large companies, multinationals and their local branches, thanks to the constant update of our skills and competences with certificates recognized internationally.
Public Administration
We manage and maintain the IT infrastructure of various public administrations, both directly and as subcontractors.
What do we do?

Products and Services

At Lana2 we provide complete IT services. Our approach puts security at the heart of any measure we take, helping our customers to solve data related activities:


Security is closely related to data access, storage, and communication (especially via public networks).

Communications security:

  • Installation, configuration and management of antivirus alerts.
  • Perimetral firewall and user remote access (VPN, remote desktop) .

Server Security:

  • Triple Software Backup: a backup copy in a dedicated hard drive within the server, another copy in an external device outside the server, and finally a  third copy outside client’s premises (eg. cloud).
  • Complete monitoring of server’s activity.

Security in data access:

  • Access control
  • User permissions

Security in data processing systems:

  • Automatic backups for management software
  • Control and installation of updates
Data processing

Data processing. In optimal operating environments, with functional and efficient ERP systems, if necessary with the help of specific and custom software and custom programming, and with the support of office tools.


  • OS: Hipervisor, virtualization, Windows Server…
  • Business Applications:
    • Management Software (ERP)
    • 3rd party Software (Logistics, B2B, Banking, Payrolls, …)
  • Access Control
  • Office tools (Microsoft Office 365)
  • Security (Alarms, cameras, …)
Data storage and classification

Store data in servers, on-premise or in the cloud. 

Data storage and classification:

  • Operating Systems
  • Servers On Premise (virtualization, NAS)
  • Cloud Storage
  • Sharepoint
Data access

We facilitate the access  by installing wired and wireless networks within premises, and we enable remote working by providing remote access through internet and intranet.  

On top of that, we can provide the necessary hardware and components that every user may need: 

  • Internal networks: 
    • Supply hardware and accessories.
  • Remote Working:
    • Remote connection

We can purchase Internet domains and set up email accounts. We also support marcom activities such as hosting, web design, SEO/SEM positioning.

  • E-mail
  • Hostings, housing and domains
  • Web design
  • PBX

IT problems in your company?

We take care of it.

Work processes
at Lana2



Analysis of all IT aspects of the customer.



Outcome of the analysis and advice to take the necessary decisions with a comprehensive approach and prioritizing measures to to optimize IT systems.



Execute the result of the technical assessment in order to provide our customers the appropiate  IT solution.



Preventive measures to ensure the correct operation of all IT systems, and corrective measures that we are able to detect thanks to the monitoring systems we put in place.



Training and assistance to users so they can operate their software tools, we also detect issues that cannot be monitored.


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Learn what our customers think about our work

Technology and capability are core for Lana2, but the trust of our customers is the engine that keeps us going on.

Desde que entré a trabajar en Inlea hace 8 años Lana2 siempre nos ha ofrecido un servicio excelente, dandonos apoyo tanto en la parte técnica requerida, incidencias, etc.. Además del servicio técnico valoramos de Lana2 las sugerencias y consejos para ayudarnos a mejorar en nuestro rendimiento, calidad y control.
Rosa Ortega
Empresa seriosa i molt competent ! Compromesa amb el servei al client !!
Mª José Barrionuevo
Xavier, Elisabeth y todo el equipo de Lana 2 son proveedores nuestros desde hace años.
El hecho de que siempre nos atiendan las mismas personas y que sepan quienes somos sin necesidad de preguntarnos nos facilita el día a día y hace que confiemos totalmente en su criterio profesional.
Llenyes i Carbons Ponç
Excel.lent servei i excelent atenció! Tenen un gran equip amb una gran capacitat de ressolució dels problemes de manera ràpida i eficaç.
A part, sempre han pensat amb les millors opcions qualitat-preu, per oferir-nos segons les nostres necessitats.
Grupo Sigma IT
Grans profesionals! Sempre em resolent els problemes molt ràpid i em donen les alternatives que millor em poden anar.
Molt recomanables!!
Marta Huertes Peláez
Nuestra experiencia con Lana2 ha sido siempre muy positiva.
Han solucionado nuestros problemas de manera rápida y eficiente y han dado respuesta a nuestras necesidades.
Ade Vallés