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Technique and technology are essential to Lana2, but our customers’ trust is the force that drives us forward.

Lana2 is specialized in giving support, implementation and IT maintenance service to SMEs.

We know first-hand the peculiarities and specific problems of each business. In fact we actually regard ourselves as the IT department of small or medium-sized enterprise which do not have sufficient resources or structure to have one of their own. Lana2 offers comprehensive and specialized IT solutions based on each of our customers.

Our aim is for our customers to trust to us the maintenance and IT support leaving them to focus time and resources on areas and always customized to the needs of each customer.


Lana2 is a technological and specialized consultancy for enterprises.

Before investing in new technology (TIC) it is essential to analyse the current situation in order to optimize costs and to obtain the maximum profitability of the investment/ ROI.

Our IT consultancy service aims to:

  • analyse the technical situation of each company.
  • suggest eventual evolution scenarios, costs and the reasons for our proposal.
  • provide all the elements of our assessment to customers enabling them to make the best decision.

This is why our consultants make an analysis or audit of the IT Systems through:

  • Previous and objective analysis of the composition and organization of the IT systems and of all their procedures.
  • Detection of strengths and weaknesses (shortcomings and problems) of the current systems.
  • Observation of the specific requirements of each company.
  • Proposals for improvements, solutions and investment cost.
  • Elaboration of a report with the assumption of achieving maximum efficiency of the customer’s IT systems in order to maximize return on the initial investment and optimize available resources.


Companies often need to renew their IT equipment but they lack the required capital to carry out this action.

Lana2 offers a solution for this problem through its IT renting services.

The advantages of IT renting for companies are very clear:

  • No major initial investment needed.
  • Enables financial departments to make an accurate plan of expenses thanks to our pre-set fixed fees.
  • Freedom and flexibility to make decisions. The customer decides on the renting period and the fee to be paid and he can recalculate the fee at any time with the acquisition of new equipment, so increasing or reducing the IT infrastructure in accordance with requirements.
  • Tax benefits: the investment is 100% deductible.


Lana2 offers through X Net a communication network installation and configuration for those companies which are growing or are expanding their facilities.

We then also offer the full management of this communication network.

We offer our clients the essential tools that allow all the IT equipment to be connected to each other either in the same location, through the Internet or with other remote locations.

We offer customized planning for each company that includes:

  • Network structured cabling allowing interconnection of different equipment.
  • Configuration of the corporative email accounts and other communication systems either in the company or of the company with its customers.
  • Configuration of the necessary security systems to guarantee secure communications.


Companies often need a software or application with certain functions that cannot be found in existing products.

Lana2 solves this problem through its programming customized applications compatible with any IT system.

This improves efficiency and working performance as we provide our customers the tools specific for their requirements.

With our programming team, we offer the service of programming customized applications depending on the customer needs.

  • After analysing the specific requirements of the client and their software and tools, we provide an improvement project.
  • We program the applications and we implement them in the company.
  • We train company staff in the daily IT management.

We program in the most appropriate environment for your company requirements, either in the Visual environment of Windows and App’s for mobile devices, or in the web environment based on the PHP, ASP, etc. standards.


We are specialists in the IT maintenance of your business and we are known for offering a fast, comprehensive, specialized and economical IT support service customized for each client.

We offer a wide range of services depending on the requirements of each company.




Our Help Desk is a remote and immediate assistance system to solve instantly any incident or problem that may arise with equipment and IT systems.

The Help Desk was created with a view to being always at the client’s side, giving immediate answers at just the click of a key.

No more travel expenses and time loss with strings of phone calls that may not even end up solving your problem.

With our immediate remote assistance system you will always have an engineer to answer your query at just a click on your computer.

The Lana2 Help Desk has, moreover, an advanced incident tracking system that allows any incident to be dealt with in an efficient way and the possibility of having an updated history of all IT systems in the company.


Support service for users of the client’s facilities.

The objective of in situ technical assistance is to give the necessary support and technical assistance in IT equipment maintenance with highly qualified engineers.

It is the perfect solution for small and medium companies that do not have their own IT department or for big companies who want to reinforce or complement theirs with qualified engineers.


  • Saving time and resources in the selection and hiring of your own personnel.
  • Economical savings avoiding expenses such as your staff social security.
  • Service flexibility -depending on the specific requirement of each case. The ability to increase or decrease the number of hours or staff needed for this service.
  • We guarantee that you will always have hired professionals at your disposal, no off work, holidays or other events.
  • Coverage and technical assistance guaranteed with SLA document.

Lana2 offers different agreements and IT assistance and maintenance services of the client’s facilities depending on the specific demands of each company.

actes i serveis d’assistència i manteniment informàtic en les instal·lacions del client segons les necessitats especifiques de cada empresa:

With our preferential IT maintenance contract we guarantee our customer’s IT equipment maintenance and reparation.

  • IT maintenance: Our engineers spend whatever time it takes- a few hours a week or a month- to carry out all IT maintenance tasks and to guarantee that our customer’s IT systems are always in optimum operational condition.
  • IT equipment and systems reparation: In the event of any incident or breakdown of IT equipment we guarantee to respond through:


  • Remote immediate assistance in the case of any incident or breakdown of IT equipment, workstations or company servers, at just a click from our customer’s computer.
  • Permanent telephone helpline service for incidents related to problems with IT systems use.
  • Personal visit if necessary from one of our engineers within a maximum of 8 working hours – in the case of an incident with the company  IT or communications equipment.
  • Resolution of any incident in a server within a maximum of 4 hours through our on-call 24hr service (for cases of system failure).
  • Equivalent equipment release if repair is not possible, so avoiding a service stoppage.

The outsourcing service consists in the despatching of highly qualified technical staff to the customer’s facilities or offices, adapting as required to specific needs.

This is the perfect solution for small and medium companies that do not have IT department or for big companies who want to have highly qualified engineers at their disposal but wish to forget completely about the worries of maintaining their communication and IT systems.

With the Outsourcing contract, we offer:

  • Technological auditing to analyse the customer’s IT systems.
  • Technological consultancy to find the best solutions for the company’s IT systems.
  • Company IT and communication equipment planning and management.
  • Management of IT, communication and technological projects.
  • Customer IT facilities and systems maintenance.
  • Technological systems installation at all levels.
  • Network administration.
  • Staff training.

Advantages of the outsourcing contract

  • Cost savings in  staff recruitment and maintenance of highly qualified, trained and experienced technical staff in the employee workforce.
  • Savings in human resources by allowing full commitment of company staff to the tasks of their professional category.
  • Ongoing update of the software and systems of public entities. Our professionals have first-hand understanding of the most recent technological developments and we offer continuous training to keep you updated in a sector in constant evolution.
  • Security and trust, because we always have professionals at your disposal, without interruption due to holidays, off work or other events.
  • Guaranteed coverage and technical assistance with SLA document.
  • Very competitive prices.

The Lana2 Hour Packs offer essential IT maintenance at affordable prices for companies.

Advantages of Lana2 Hour Packs:

  • We guarantee to give the customer the technical staff with the required technical profile.
  • Savings in resources-as this system permits the customer to forget about certain tasks or to reinforce technological areas that could not otherwise be dealt with owing to a lack of operational skills or specific expertise in the company’s own workforce.
  • Flexibility and ability to provide immediate answers because we have the required technical personnel for the needs of each situation.

With the advantage that the hour packs DO NOT EXPIRE

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